Friday, September 11, 2009

Funny Story Involving a Monster

So, as Aiden is approaching is 2nd birthday, his imagination is growing and growing. The last week he's been convinced that a monster lives under the bed (and that it has a basketball...I think he's a point guard).

I've been playing along a little and rustling the sheets and he is both in love with and afraid of this monster. He frequently requests "More Monster!" when we're upstairs playing but sometimes he looks at me and says "Scary!"

Last night, Lindsay's cat Nax (aka - spawn of satan) decided to pay us a visit in the middle of the night. He's been quarantined in Lindsay's room because he's got an infection from a catfight he got in and isn't supposed to be around Aiden for a while. He pushed the door open and jumped up on my nightstand, but unbeknowst the him the nightstand was full of alarm clock, white noise machine, cell phone, and various baby hygiene products. With nowhere to land, he shot himself right onto by back and arm, scratching me quite a bit and in the process tumbling items onto the floor. The combination of noise and pain roused me very quickly and there may have been a couple of non-choice words directed towards the cat - which woke Aiden up and in his mind the only possibility for this occurance must be "BIG MONSTER, BIG MONSTER, BIG MONSTER!"

It's very funny today, not as much last night though...

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eRIN said...

I love your relationship with Nax :) It makes me laugh in a sad sort of way.