Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie Review - Coraline 3D

Brooke & I went to see Coraline in 3D on Saturday and I give it a BE- (Best Ever Minus). The Rating Breakdown system is listed down at the bottom so you can have some context.

Coraline is based upon a novella by Neil Gaiman who, if you're unfamiliar with his work, is the king of weird. About once every 15 minutes of the film I found myself asking, "Where does he come up with this stuff?" Although the film adaptation isn't completely true to the text, much of the plot and all but one of the characters do come from the original work.

If you pride yourself on being an independent person (especially of the female persuasion), you'll identify immediately with the title character as she explores and smart-allecks her way into the beginning of the story. Anyone who ever felt (or feels) like their parents weren't any fun, or always had to work and pretty much that world was against you on any given day, will find a kindred spirit in Coraline.

After moving into a new apartment in Ashland, OR with her parents, Coraline begins exploring and meeting all of the peculiar residents, including a former Russian gymnast-turned circus mouse trainer and two ancient and slightly senile stars of the silver screen. She also discovers a doorway that leads to an alter-universe that's very similar to her own, but fun and cool in all the ways that her other world is dull and boring.

This is the first full-length film by Laika, a new Portland based studio owned by Phil Knight...but I won't hold that against them:) The 3D version was amazingly beautiful and if you're up for paying the extra $3, I'd highly recommend it. The film is definitely scarier than I would have thought though, so I'd say any sensitive kids under 10 years old might get a little freaked out at times. I know I was squeezing my popcorn bag pretty tightly at some points...

All in all, give it a spin.

HDWE- (Hands Down Worst Ever Minus) eg. Spice Girls the Movie
HDWE (Hands Down Worst Ever) eg. Battlefield Earth
HDWE+ (Hands Down Worst Ever Plus) eg. Urban Legends 2
WE- (Worst Ever Minus) - eg. Boat Trip
WE (Worst Ever) - eg. Water World
WE+ (Worst Ever +) - eg. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
OK- (Okay Minus) - eg. Pearl Harbor
OK (Okay) - eg. 50 First Dates
OK+ (Okay Plus) - eg. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
BE- (Best Ever Minus) - eg. The Matrix
BE (Best Ever) - eg. Oceans Eleven
BE+ (Best Ever Plus) - eg. Amelie
HDBE- (Hands Down Best Ever Minus) - eg. High Fidelity
HDBE (Hands Down Best Ever) - eg. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
HDBE+ (Hands Down Best Ever Plus) - eg. Fight Club